Join our Global Hygiene Revolution and
host a Clearly Natural sponsored Soap Drive

The Best Things about Hosting A Soap Drive for Clean the World

Every 10 seconds, a child dies from a disease that could have been prevented with proper hygiene. The bar soap your group will be collecting, will be used to save lives. Depending on the demand at the time we receive your soap, it will be used in the hygiene kits we make and distribute to domestic homeless shelters here in the US or sent to one of the 70 countries we distribute to that greatly need bar soap.

Here’s how schools, clubs, corporations, churches and civic groups can get involved by participating in a community soap drive. It is simple, inexpensive and will help saves thousands of lives.

Key Steps:

Step 1

Register Your Soap Drive online.

Step 2

Set a deadline. We suggest a 7 – 14 day collection program. Set up your Donation Station in a high traffic area, so it will be a reminder to those in your group that the soap drive is under way. Give periodic updates on the amount of soap collected to encourage more contributions and participation.

Step 3

Printable posters can be downloaded to use on your collection box and donation station.

Step 4

Alert your local news media to let them know about your soap drive. Publicizing it will allow the community to participate and help your drive be even more successful.

Step 5

Take pictures of your Soap Drive in progress. Send us photos of your donation station and participants donating soap, so we may thank your group for its efforts by publishing them on our Facebook page.

Step 6

Send us the collected soap. Include with your shipment a Product Donation Form so we may send you a receipt for your donation. You will be responsible for shipping costs, so encourage others to help cover the shipping costs as part of the collection effort. Our shipping address is Clean the World Foundation 400A Pittman St. Orlando, FL 32801

Frequently Asked Questions About Soap Drives

What kind of soap do you accept?

We accept new, unwrapped bars of soap just like the kind you would purchase at a supermarket. We also love to receive unused soaps and bottled amenities you have collected from your hotel stays. Unfortunately, we cannot accept used bars of soap from the general public. We are only permitted to accept used bars of soap from our hotel partners.

Do you accept soap from soap makers?

Yes. We are happy to receive the soap scraps, misshapen bars and any soap shavings and remnants that may be left over from soap production by homemade soap makers. We will make them work for people in need. We have many soap makers across the United States who currently support our lifesaving mission by shipping soap bars and soap remnants to help Clean the World. Every little bit helps.

What do I do once our soap drive ends?

We have two facilities in the United States that presently accept soap donations collected from community soap drives. Please send your donations to the Clean the World Recycling Operations Center closest to you:

Clean the World
400A Pittman St.
Orlando, FL 32801

Clean the World
3111 S. Valley View Blvd, Suite L-115
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Who pays for the shipping?

You are responsible for the cost of shipping the donated product to us. It is helpful to ask for monetary donations to complement the soap donations, which will help cover the cost of shipping. We’ve experienced great success with some groups that have used the slogan “Donate a Buck and a Bar” as a way to collect money to cover shipping costs. Please include a Product Donation Form with your shipment so we can have a record of your donation.

What happens to the soap after I send it in?

Depending on the demand at the time we receive your soap, it will either be used in the hygiene kits we assemble and distribute to domestic homeless shelters or be sent directly to one of the more than 45 countries where we distribute soaps and hygiene supplies to children and families in need.

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